Have we filed a Notice of Appearance on your behalf in your case? Here’s some general information on what is a Notice of Appearance.

Notice of Appearance

What Is It • Why Did We File It • & What Happens Next?


What is it?

A Notice of Appearance is a document we file alerting the Clerk of Court and all the attorneys in your case that we are representing you as your attorneys.

The notice is usually titled “Notice of Appearance and Designation of Email Address.”

Why did we file it?

A Notice of Appearance is usually the first document we will file in your case. It alerts all of the other parties in your case that we are your attorneys. The Rules of the Court require attorneys file this notice. The rules also require us to give at least one email address for the Court and other parties to use when communicating with us.

What happens next?

You should not receive any direct communications from the Court or from the other attorneys in your case now that we have filed our Notice of Appearance. In the future all court documents will be sent to us via email at the email addresses we designated. When we receive documents related to your case, we will scan them and upload them into your case in our MyCase system. You will be able to view these documents online at your leisure.

If you continue to get correspondence directed to you in this case, please let us know. It might mean that one of the other parties has forgotten that we represent you in this case now.

If you have any questions after reading our Notice of Appearance, please leave a comment in MyCase or call the office at 941-400-8998 and we’ll be happy to give you any extra information you might need.



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