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We all have an estate. Your estate is your footprint on this World.

It’s you, whether you’re wealthy or not, and everything in your life – Family, possessions, home, retirement, life insurance, and financial accounts.

Your estate is also the things that matter to you – traditional items like jewelry, china, artwork, but also your digital assets like online accounts and all the photographs on your phone.

What is the process like?

We make it easy. Just follow the steps below to completing your estate plan.

“It takes time, energy, and money to put together a comprehensive estate plan. But, once your estate plan is in place, you can have peace of mind that you made the decisions and did everything you could to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of.”

Julia C. McKillop

Senior Partner

Step 1: Initial Meeting

We get to know each other. We learn about your family and finances. We discuss your estate planning goals and we educate you on the various strategies to meet your goals. Depending on your estate, sometimes we can combine the initial meeting with the design meeting.



Step 2: Design Meeting

If we are designing a trust-based estate, we usually have a meeting solely to discuss the details of your trust. We discuss the trust structure, how trust assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries, and who you will appoint to various roles in your trust.

Step 3: Review and Sign

During this meeting, we go through all of your documents together. This ensures that you understand your estate documents and you have ample opportunity to ask questions. After this meeting, we make any final revisions and prepare your documents for signing. Depending on the estate, sometimes you will sign your documents on the same day as the review meeting.

Step 4: Signing Meeting

By now, you know your estate documents. This meeting is the easiest of all, you just need to sign everything.

Look at these estate plans we've tailored to our clients

See what a well-crafted plan can do.

The Single Parent

We guided our client, a single parent who had very few assets, through the estate planning process to ensure the care of her children: including a plan for who would become the guardian of her children and how her assets would be used for the benefit of her children.

Grown Kids

Our client wanted a plan for a sale of her home with the proceeds being evenly distributed between his adult children. We charted the road map to help them get there.

The Collector

“We worked with a client with a valuable guitar collection. We designed a roadmap for the liquidation of the collection to ensure that the full value is realized if the heirs decide to sell.”

Family 'Toys' and Heirlooms

Often, family heirlooms, tools and weekend toys have more sentimental value than material worth. We tailored an estate plan that included care for keeping some pieces of fine jewelry and possessions in the family.

Fur Baby Family

Our client wanted to make sure that her two pets would be ok if something happened to her. We set up a plan naming who would care for her dog and cat, and providing funds for continued support for her loved fur babies.

What you need for peace of mind


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