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Real Estate Calculators

Premium Calculator

Calculate the amount of the premium for a basic title insurance transaction before closing.

Closing Costs

Calculate the Florida home buyer and seller closing costs, including the paid closing costs and real estate commission.

Residential Real Estate

Buying or Selling a Home

Whether it’s your first home, or you’re an experienced homebuyer, you’ll want to have professional legal assistance to make sure closing is done correctly.


We close over 1,000 investor properties a year, on average. We know the time-value of money. You want closings on-time, and hassle free. We deliver.

Real Estate Agents

We only want to work with the best agents in the business. Top agents know communication is key.

FSBO Assistance

If you decide to sell a house as For Sale-By-Owner (FSBO), you can hire us to represent you in the sale. You’ll get an attorney overseeing the paperwork and closing process. It’s simple, streamlined, and you’ll have confidence that your sale is done correctly.

Order Title

Ready to Start?

Click Here to order a title search on a property to find out its history and the owner of record. This also checks for liens that may be filed against the value of the property.



The Closing Process

When using an attorney for the closing process of your residential real estate, you can be sure that we’re keeping you safely within the lines of state and local regulations.

Investment LLCs


The LLC Structure

LLCs give their members protection from liability. A favorite of real estate investors because of its tax benefits, it also keeps members from becoming personally liable for judgements or debts incurred under the LLC name. We work with clients to form LLCs and draft operating agreements.

Land Trusts


Land Trusts

Protect your assets with a well-crafted land trust designed for your specific situation. A land trust can give you a higher level of privacy in a real estate transaction.

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