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Your estate plan should grow and change as your life does. Our Annual Maintenance Program ensures your continued access to these services throughout the year.

Julia C. McKillop

Senior Partner

Estate Planning Annual Maintenance Program

Maintaining your estate is about more than just the design. Your life changes; your estate plan should keep up the pace. That’s where our Annual Maintenance Program comes in. As a member of our Annual Maintenance Program, you get us by your side every step of the way. We act as your cheerleaders, your coach, and your guide: from initially funding your trust to coaching your surrogates if you become incapacitated.

Program Benefits

Advance Directive Coaching

Chances are, you aren’t an attorney. And chances are the family and friends who you designated to act for you in your estate plan aren’t attorneys either. That’s why our Annual Maintenance Plan includes Advance Directive Coaching as one of its most important benefits.

When you designed your estate plan with us, you took time to consider exactly who you wanted to make decisions for you in case you were incapacitated or worse. Suddenly your family and friends are also your surrogates and they likely have little knowledge on how to use your incapacity documents. Do they know what to do in a time of crisis?

With us as your partners, your representatives have an attorney on-call ready to coach them through their duties. As a member of our Annual Maintenance Program, we are ready to advise your loved ones on dealing with doctors, hospitals, banks, relatives, and anyone or anything that helps them execute the plan we designed. Like we said, it’s one of your most important benefits.

Coaching for Funding your Revocable Trust

This is especially helpful in the initial funding of your trust, but also a huge benefit for the continual maintenance of your trust. Let’s say you open a new bank account and you have a question on how to fill out the name of your trust. As a member, all you have to do is pick up thephone and we’re there to coach you through filling out that form.


Life is full of changes: you buy a house, you open a new brokerage account, you get a new life insurance policy. Questions often arise on how new assets will be funded into a trust. As an Annual Maintenance Program member, you get your questions like this answered and it’s all part of being a member, no extra charge.

An unfunded or improperly funded trust is not doing it’s job. We want to make it easy for you to fund your trust and keep it fully funded.

Annual Review Meeting

Program members get to sit down and meet with an attorney once a year to review their entire estate plan. We review your assets and all the people you’ve named as important roles in your estate. We discuss any changes since last we met. And if you have a trust, we make sure that it is funded and working as it’s intended. If you don’t have a trust, we look at your assets and make sure that we have everything structured as best we can to simplify or even avoid probate.

Again, change is an inevitable part of life. With an annual meeting, we stay on top of those changes.

Free Minor Changes to Your Estate Documents

Sometimes we change our minds. Maybe the person you named to make medical decisions for you just doesn’t fit the bill anymore. Or maybe they moved to the other side of the world, making it too hard for them to act on your behalf if the need arose.

As an Annual Maintenance Program member, if we drafted your documents, then we will make a minor change for you to your will or incapacity documents at no extra charge.

Discount on Real Estate Closing Fees

McKillop Law Firm is also a title agent and can assist you with your real estate closing. As an Annual Maintenance Program member, you get a 50% discount on our closing fee when you use us as the title/closing agent for your real estate purchase or sale.


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Call us or fill out the form below to learn more about becoming a member of our Estate Planning Annual Maintenance Program. Helping you and your family is always our primary goal.

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